Make $75 an Hour Writing Simple Essays

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required reading for my spring seminar eating san francisco - anne bower's reel food: essays on food and film; james brook, chris carlsson, nancy j peters' reclaiming san francisco: history, politics, culture; and michael pollan's the omnivore's dilemma by davidsilver.You may think it is difficult to do, but in actuality, you can make $75 an hour just by writing high school level essays. The trick to doing this is a site that I found a while ago that pays $25 for a single essay. They pay even more for college level and application essays.

The best part about this is that there is not guess work as the payment comes immediately, you don’t need to wait around for someone to buy it from you. This site is

The key to pulling in the big bucks from this site is making essays really quickly. In fact, you have to write three 750 word essays in an hour to attain the $75 an hour that I talked about. This is very daunting for a someone new to this, but I assure you that anyone can learn to do this. Follow the steps below and you should be able to do this with ease.

1. Read literary books that are on the site. Once you create a login there, you will be able to see a list of all of the works of literature that they will receive essays about. Read as many of them as you can. This is actually the fun part of it.

2. Think about the books that you are reading. Remember as much of your Literature classes as you can because you need to create content that would be bough by high school students.

3. The best way to develop an essay topic is by thinking of themes and images. Try using They provide summaries and theme listing that can guide you into an idea.

4. To get 750 words, you will need to add some “fluff” to it. The beginning must be good. So write a good intro and thesis statement that explain what certain imagery means for the story.

5. For the body paragraphs, have good opening statements then copy in large quotations from the book and spend the rest of the paragraph explaining what the passage means. Remember that the large quotations actually count to as words for the essay.

6. Finally, put a small conclusion together that summarizes the piece. Aim to have it between 750 and 800 words.

7. Use the form on the website to submit it, filling in all of the fields.

Once you have gotten a couple of essays submitted successfully, you should be able to pick up the pace and eventually reach the $75 an hour. Remember to read books that can yield a ton of essay topics.

Good luck with this, I will keep you updated on the many ways to make money with your writings.

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Article Review Site: ArticleBase and Ezine Articles

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A stack of newspapers by DRB62.Alright, I lumped ArticleBase and Ezine Articles together because neither of them pay you for your additions to the sites. For many people, this keeps them from using the sites. I have found some use for them, though, because the content it generally much better quality because authors want to attract you to learn more about their sites rather than just have you click ads.

When writing for these type of sites, make sure your content is original and you link to more of your own articles. This way, you can get readers more and more comfortable with your topics and writing. Sometime putting in a direct plug for your own site is fine.

The forms that are used to publish content with these sites is fairly generic and does not seem overly difficult to use. An important part of these sites is to make sure your profile is complete and in-depth. This is how you are going to attract people to whatever you want them to go to.

I have personally had some success with linking these articles to paid article sites and driving traffic like that. I believe many of them will accept affiliate links as well, or you may be able to sneak them into sites that do not allow them. The vast majority of this type of site use “nofollow’ attributes for outgoing links, so you are not helping your SEO. Some, I have heard, do not use those tags, so I would check with the site first to determine what they do and do not allow.

As I said earlier, the authors on these sites are more into getting good content out there because they are selling their own sites with their work. Hooking up with them can lead to excellent relationships that help build your blogs or websites. Take advantage of this by commenting on other people’s sites and sending messages to people you want to talk to. I have gotten a lot good publicity from getting other bloggers to link to me through this work.

The Take Away

Article sites that do not pay you for your work definitely have some importance for writers. I would advocate putting some good quality articles up and try to get some traffic to blogs and such. If you do not have a site that you want to publicize, these sites have little value for you.

So far, my favorite non paid article sites are ArticleBase and Ezine Articles, though, I know of some others that are also fairly useful. Tell me if you have other sites that you want me to review.

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Article Site Review: Bukisa

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Having only heard about Bukisa about a month ago, I anticipated a pretty low rent site because I have used almost every article writing site in existence. Instead, I was very surprised to see how robust and clean it was. My favorite feature by far is the Bukisa Index. It is right at the top of your profile view and tells you how much you will make for every thousand views to your content. Currently it shows 3.53, which if you aren’t familiar with this is very high, considering that the site has to take a portion out before it comes to you.

Bukisa is a generic article writing site, so you can write about pretty much anything that strikes your fancy at the time. I started with some general how-to articles then I branched into some history and travel information. They have all done moderately well, and I think I will see even more improvement as they get some links.

Publishing content uses a fairly standard form that works well except that the first time I did it, It thought that all of my work was erased until I got an email the next day saying that it had been posted. Like other sites, write your content with a program on your computer then paste it into the site.

Keeping track of your earnings, views, and other states is relatively easy on the site and not significantly different from others that I have tested.

The community on Bukisa seemed to be relatively nonexistant at least when I looked. This isn’t really a problem for the site because you don’t need to work with others to be successful.

The Take Away

Bukisa is a solid article site that generates some good revenue. The best part about this is that it is very specific with how much it is going to pay you, so you never have to wonder if they are ripping you off because you will be able to tell immediately.

Of the basic articles sites, this one is surely a good one to try out. If you know something about this site that you want to share, tell me in the comments.

Article Site Review: Ehow

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I have used ehow for a long time (about a year), so I know it fairly well. Basically, you write short and easy instructions or how-to guides. When people visit your pages, you get compensated based on how many see it as well as how well they respond to the advertisements. If you run a blog or your own site with Google adsense, it is the same. The only slight difference is that ehow gets a cut of the advertising revenue.

This may lead to you to believe that ehow is not a very good choice, but on the contrary it provides you a much higher visibility for your work and lets people access easier than it would be to drive traffic to your own site. With this in mind, I will explain how much I have been compensated for how much work below.

In total, I have made $90 from ehow. That is not much money, I must say however, I have only written seven articles, in total probably taking an hour or two. Then I just let it run and every other month I got a little bit sent to my Paypal. Very passive income that is delivered right into your Paypal instead of a check is very nice.

So, for the amount of time that I spent on it, I would say that I got a very good return on my efforts. If I had published a bunch more articles and actually publicized them, maybe I would have done even better. Like the first post for this blog, I anticipate making much more form ehow now that I am linking to it from my own sites.

The services that ehow provides are great. You can easily track how many views you have as well as how much money you have made, updated daily. The forms to create an article are great except a couple of times I lost all of my work when the site kicked me back to the front page for now reason at all. To avoid this, I would write your content in Word or something similar, then add it into the site.

The community is decent on ehow with a number of people willing to rate your articles with a all stars if you do it in turn. This is illegal as per the documentation, but it can really help the visibility of your articles.

The Take Away

I recommend ehow full heartedly as a way to make some good passive income with minimal effort. The key is finding something unique that you know how to do and expressing it very simply.

Pictures and other aides are pretty much essential if you want the article to become really popular where you can make the real money.

Upcoming Reviews of Article Sites

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Three Cheques in a week by liewcf.There are a ton of article sites out there that pay you to publish with them. I am embarking on an objective to test out each and every one of them. After testing one out, I will report back about it.

My reviews will include how well it pays (the big thing), ease of use, community help, and the specifications/restrictions it places on submitters.

Check back on this blog frequently or better yet subscribe to the blog because you are not going to want to miss all of this information. At the end, I will provide a chart comparing all of them and give my pick as to which one is the best all around site for selling your articles.

Please note that the sites that I test will be very diverse including sites that pay for performance or numbers of views as well as sites that let you sell your own articles directly to consumers or blog owners who want the rights to them.

Until next time, best of luck to you in your writing endeavors.

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Selling Essays – the ethical question

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Lina, proofreading my essay. hot. by b r e n t. You already probably know why people and sites are willing to buy essays from you: they want to sell them to high school or college students who will then turn them in as their own work. While this capitalistic system can make you a lot of money, can you rationalize this process as helpful for students or harmful.

Of course, I have met many people who do this and say that the kids are merely learning from the essays. This makes people feel good, but it is far from the truth. I have sold and continue to sell essays for the 3 reasons below. I hope this shows you how I feel and convinces you to join this industry with me.

1. Kids aren’t going to get away with copying essays throughout their career through in-class essays and the like. If they want to do it a couple of times, it is better to go searching for the right essay than to have it custom made for them.

2. These same kids are likely to sell your essay again and again online. If they are going to do it, why shouldn’t I?

3. It introduces lessons like buying your way into success. Also, after talking to some high school students, whenever an essay is bought, they end up fixing it for their assignment, so they actually do get some learning from it.

I don’t know what you think of those ideas, but I think they justify selling essays. If this doesn’t work for you, try selling blog posts or other articles that you know will be used for reasons besides getting kids a break from their procrastination.

To sell your essays, I advocate trying

They pay a healthy $25 for your high school essay and even more for college application and graduate level essays. They pay promptly and accept all decent quality essays.

In coming posts, I will explain how to really quickly write your own essays and sell them, earning as much as $75 an hour!

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Writing for Money – the Proper Mindset

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Paula writes the diary by magnusfranklin.For many, getting paid to write sounds good in theory, but people find ways of squirreling out of it. Either it takes too much set up like a blog or the income just doesn’t make it worth while. While these are distinct possibilities, I am going to teach ways to bring in some serious money and keep you from wasting your time with fruitless endeavors.

To Start, think about how much money you hope to achieve by writing on the side. Being reasonable and slowly increasing your expectations is the best way to ensure success.

Before starting, you need to assess your writing ability and see where you can best market it. Below are five questions about your abilities, if any of them apply, see what I recommend for that type of writer.

1. Can you write casual but instructive articles with decent mechanics but mostly just enjoyable and light to read?

2. Are you a master at certain subjects and can articulate them clearly with perfect grammar and style?

3. Are you a good story teller and love entertaining others with your own tales?

4. Can you explain difficult processes and instructions to average people?

5. Do your talents align mostly with editing other’s works and compiling many articles into a single volume?

6. Are you good at dissecting literature or other college and high school subjects to write quality essays on?

The list below explains some specific opportunities that you should focus on if you answered yes to a question above. Each one is also accompanied by an ehow that I wrote to further explain it. There will be subsequent blog posts on each one, as well.

1. Writing your own blog or writing for someone else’s blog is probably an excellent fit for you.

2. You are very talented and should try your hand at writing for journals or consumer magazines. These can pay hundreds of dollars per assignment, but you will need to make it perfect in order to get accepted.

3. Some magazines, blogs, and papers, publish personal experiences or creative writings. This could be lucrative for you.

4. Try writing for instructional sites like ehow and others. Also you could create your own publication about how to perform certain tasks.

5. There are a multitude of sites out there that will pay you just for linking to other pages.

6. I gathered up my old high school essays and sold them to several sites that then sell them to current students. I made quite a bit of cash from this and you can, too.

Well, I hope this explained all of the unique opportunities that you have to be get paid for your writing. Really there is no excuse for not selling your content. Until my next post, check out the ehow articles that I included and start poking around at various opportunities that you have to create a niche writing market.